President Trump was on ’60 Minutes’ tonight and took obnoxious liberal interviewer Leslie Stahl to task over and over again…One of the best retorts from the president was when Stahl said she disagrees with Trump and he shoots back:

President Trump to Lesley Stahl: “Lesley, it’s okay. In the meantime, I’m president–and you’re not.”

For more context on what was being discussed. President Trump confronted Stahl on how differently she treats him than how she treated former President Obama. It was in the context of describing how unfair the press is…Notice how Stahl is bristling at the comments then announces she’s changing the topic.

Here’s another moment of strength and clarity from President Trump to Leslie Stahl:

Lesley Stahl asked President Trump if he will make a pledge to not shut down the Mueller investigation. Trump responded: “I don’t make pledges to anyone, and if I was going to make a pledge it wouldn’t be to you”.

The entire interview showed the president to be on target with everything. He talked about how vicious the political world is and how he was surprised by that.

He also said that General Mattis is a Democrat which some are saying signals a future move for an exit by Mattis.

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