This is awesome! President Trump has had it with the Democrats and their “con game”…

President Trump sat down with the Colombian President to take questions from the press but the press kept asking about Judge Kavanaugh. President Trump let it rip on the Democrats!

President Donald Trump defends “wonderful human being” Brett Kavanaugh and says Democrats don’t believe the allegations against the judge, but “they’re playing a con game.”

“They’re good at one thing – that’s obstructing and resisting and con,” he adds

President Trump defended Judge Kavanaugh and his family saying that he understands how he wanted to focus on his education at Yale:

President Donald Trump on Brett Kavanaugh: “You know, when he said that really, what he was focused on was trying to be number one in his class at Yale, to me, that was so believable. I understand college very well”

That’s why we love President Trump! He tells it like it is!



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