President Trump arrives on Air Force One after tweeting:

Great honor to be headed to the Army-Navy game today. Will be there shortly, landing now!

The coin toss and opening of the game are below. The left is mocking President Trump on social media for his coin toss technique. No surprise.

Every year is so special when the president does the coin toss and participates in the festivities.

President Trump was introduced on the field before the coin toss:

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The opening when the players come on the field is always exciting:

The Army-Navy Game is something special:

The National Anthem:

Of course, the left is mocking the president because he tossed the coin in the air with flair. Watch below and you be the judge. We love it!

Barstool Sports liked the technique: “Look at the flick of the wrist!”

The game in Philadelphia will have President Trump and Mike Pompeo in attendance. Here’s video of Air Force One arriving:

For this year’s Army-Navy game, Army and Nike have teamed up on a uniform to honor the soldiers of the 1st Infantry Division.

The hype video might just be the best uniform video of the year.

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