President Trump is on fire this morning with a tweet storm about Mueller’s “13 angry Democrats”. He’s now coming out in full force against this sham. Thank goodness!

The left is going ballistic! Twitter responses are from Democrats who’ve been brainwashed by the media to believe there is anything to any of the Mueller investigation that began as a lie. Calls for President Trump to resign or be impeached are being tweeted out by angry leftists. This is all because the media and Democrats are in cahoots to destroy a sitting president because they still cannot accept that their candidate lost. This is war to them and should be to conservatives. A soft coup has been in the works and President Trump sees it…


The Russia Witch Hunt is rapidly losing credibility. House Intelligence Committee found No Collusion, Coordination or anything else with Russia. So now the Probe says OK, what else is there? How about Obstruction for a made up, phony crime.There is no O, it’s called Fighting Back

The 13 Angry Democrats in charge of the Russian Witch Hunt are starting to find out that there is a Court System in place that actually protects people from injustice…and just wait ‘till the Courts get to see your unrevealed Conflicts of Interest!

There are still leftists who claim that Hillary Clinton won the presidency:

Aren’t we lucky she didn’t!

They need a civics lesson like this one:

Now, imagine living in the gray zones and the blue zones voted opposite of you:


If you’re on twitter, please got to these tweets and show support for our president. The nastiness is distasteful and would never have been accepted during Obama’s disastrous eight years in office. The left is on fire and conservatives should be too. We’ve been pushed around by the left for way too long. We can show support for President Trump without being vulgar like the leftists on twitter.

Something like the photo above will do it! TRUMP2020!

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