The leftist protesters are having a fit, a temper tantrum and are not looking at facts. At this point, the left doesn’t care what the facts are, this is all about obstruct, obstruct, obstruct at all costs. This is NOT a good look for the Democrats. #WalkAway

Protesters converged on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s home in D.C. to drink beer, scream and chant…Do these people work? They march up to McConnell’s home yelling “chug, chug, chug”…

“What do we do with a drunken justice?” Protesters stage Kavanaugh confirmation kegger outside Mitch McConnell’s home in advance of the cloture vote

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Signs around Capitol Hill this morning…

Screaming after Collins announces vote:

Protesters also converged in the hallway outside Senator Flake’s office:[0]=68.ARB0oA90cYoObmjLMsbQ5ANHtqVq7pbNvjsRLMK6jX_iE2jGvDnLtqoSBwr7cTL2W6bDrZZ2CsLlC3usDm61UFEyoQ6tO9OieNSS-c8uA2zr0Hq8qXPiI8wByRJWpcvNuf7iF_dBBLe8X_jreOg36XGhBdE2npwJcQT1REM91H_caQRdGiqAMQ&__tn__=-R

These people are seriously unhinged:[0]=68.ARAl2YDumI_FCYS83Cf0Q1ESnuhuIpPGFOoNzXES1o0WaYgYevK-sa8TEJUARoXi2MDQi7qJGviSwjCdQnnDuEXU1cjolew60VNsNrttIfG5T4O52_3Zf9nLDBwWO71Qlgd1F4ZFHWvQk-SLlv8DzZAqitT25NMevP5jNjPXF0dBJZzKMWjW&__tn__=-R

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