Social media went ballistic today when Rep. James Clybourn said in a CNN interview with John Berman: “Let’s give him a fair trial and hang him.” That comment was lost in translation, so the focus was on that one comment. It was mistaken as a comment directed at President Trump when it was not. In the end, Clybourn shouldn’t have used that phrase in the conversation about President Trump’s impeachment.

What’s more important is that Rep. James Clyburn and other Democrats are out of control. The seditious behavior has gone over the edge. Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats want to hold the articles of impeachment until they get what they consider to be a “fair trial.”

Clyburn just went there on CNN with zero pushback from anchor John Berman.

He said that the way McConnell has been talking is the reverse of saying you’ll give someone a fair trial and then you hang them. The implication from Clyburn is not that Trump wo,n’t get a fair trial but that Democrats are the ones who won’t get what they want.

It’s hard to understand what Clybourn is saying during the interview because he mumbles during his comments. The intention in Clybourn’s comments is lost, and the focus becomes what he says at the end.

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We’d like to know what you think about Clybourn’s comments and if he shouldn’t have used the “hang him” phrase even though it wasn’t meant for President Trump.

“Are you suggesting it’s possible you will never transmit the articles of impeachment?”

CLYBURN: “If it were me, yes that’s what I’m saying.”

The Democrats obviously don’t know the rules and don’t intend to abide by them.


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