Republicans are doing a fantastic job of exposing the Democrats and their impeachment witnesses.

Rep. Jim Jordan just blasted the “star” impeachment witness who, as it turns out,  knows nothing.

“You were never on the call.” ~ Rep. Jim Jordan

Ambassador William Taylor has never met President Trump and was not even on the call with the President of Ukraine!

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Rep. Jordan gets to the truth:

 4 facts will never change:

-The call transcript shows no linkage

– POTUS and Zelensky both say no pressure 

-Ukraine didn’t know aid was held up at the time of the call

-Ukraine never took any action to get aid released

“We know that from your deposition, in those 55 days that aide is delayed, you met with President Zelensky three times. … There was no linkage of security assistance dollars to investigating Burisma or the Bidens.”

Rep. Jordan called out Schiff for coordinating with the whistleblower:


Rep. Stefanik gets right to the point:

Trump has been more supportive of Ukraine than Obama ever was:

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