Rep. Jim Jordan has had it with the impeachment sham and the Democrat’s effort to oust President Trump.

He spoke at the impeachment hearing today about how sad it is that Democrats are putting the country through this sham impeachment. He’s so right! While this sham impeachment is going on, nothing is getting done to help the American people! Nancy Pelosi announced today that she doubts the USMCA will get done this year. The “do-nothing Democrats” are living up to their name.

Rep. Jordan specifically called out the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi because she said that the president is an “impostor.” Imagine if a Republican said that about former President Barack Obama.

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Rep. Jordan was able to shoot holes in the testimony from witnesses throughout the day:

13 conversations that Ambassador Taylor remembered. But he didn’t remember Mr. Holmes briefing him about a call that was “so remarkable,” and an “extremely distinctive experience.”

THIS is the Dems’ closing witness?

Rep. Jordan also tweeted about one of today’s witnesses:

A 40-minute opening statement from a guy who overheard a phone call that was “a couple minutes.”

THIS is the Democrats’ last-ditch effort? Talk about desperate.


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