Florida representative, firebrand Matt Gaetz, questioned an airfare general after finding out that the United States Air Force had illegally released private records about Republicans running for Congress to a Democrat opposition research firm. Gaetz currently sits on the Armed Services Committee and the Judiciary committee. He questioned Lt. General Caroline Miller about the illegal release asking,

“How many Republicans running for Congress had their personnel records unlawfully compromised by the United States Airforce?
Lt.General Miller responded, thanking Gaetz for the question, then saying, “We did have a PII breach, eleven individuals overall, their data was um, she then tripped over saying it was released.
Gaetz stopped her and said, “When I hear breached, what I hear is that someone hacked or broke in or got the information. You gave this information.” He continued, “It wasn’t a breach. It was an illegal release.”
Miller responded, “Yes, it was. You’re right; We take full responsibility for that.”
“How Many?” Gaetz pressed.
“Eleven,” She answered.
Gaetz continued pressing, “And all Republicans, right?”
“Um, I don’t know the answer to that. I know some of them were. But I think…”
Gaetz continued, “But if I represent to you that it was all or almost all Republicans.”
“Almost all Republicans, that’s correct, yes,” Miller conceded,
And this information was given to the due diligence entity, right?
“There was an entity, yes,” Miller admitted
“Yeah! And it’s an opposition research entity that gets hundreds of thousands of dollars from the Democrat Congressional campaign committee and the Democratic Senatorial campaign apparatus, right?
“Um, I don’t know that much about due diligence, but I know that we, um released the information inappropriately.”
“Why, Why did you do that?
Miller attempted to “It was an error; we did an investigation as soon as we found out, we notified all of the members in um which their data was um released. We have put in place multiple layers of uh checks and balances; we did a re-training.
Gaetz asked: “Whose been fired for doing this?
Miller responded: We’ve taken the appropriate action.

Lt General Miller

Gaetz pressed her again: “Okay, Whose been fired?
Miller continued to respond vaguely: We’ve taken the appropriate action.
Gaetz’s irritation rose: That’s a fascinating answer, just not to my question. Who has been fired?
“I can’t answer that.”
“Has a single person been fired?” Gaetz pressed.
“I do not know the answer to that.” Miller evaded Gaetz again.
Gaetz blasted the general at this point, saying, “Shouldn’t you, though? I mean, Here we are having recruiting challenges; you guys are releasing personnel information of predominantly Republicans to a Democrat opposition research firm, you run personnel for the United States Airforce, and you can’t tell me whether anyone has been fired for this unauthorized release?”
“Congressman, I can tell you we have taken the appropriate action based on the oath,” Miller responded.
“You deem it appropriate, but what if we don’t? Cause we have civilian control of the military, and we may have to change our laws to hold people accountable. And pardon me for not trusting your vague reference to the layers you’ve put on,” Gaetz turned toward his fellow committee members and addressed the Chairman, saying, “but Mrs. Chaiman, I request that this committee gets specific answers for what the accountability regime was for this unlawful action by the United States Air Force and that we not take it as an article of faith the representation that they think have taken the appropriate actions. They have taken the illegal inappropriate action to compromise these records, and I think we should hold them accountable for it.”

Gaetz tweeted the video footage showing his conversation with Lt. General Miller noting that so far, the Air Force illegally distributed the information about Republican candidates with No accountability!
Gaetz represents all of America in pressing for accountability and attempting to hold lawbreakers responsible, no matter what their position is. No one is above the law, and Americans are tired of politics guiding the justice system.

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