Democrat Nancy Pelosi proudly revealed a drug pricing plan she put together to have the HHS negotiate drug prices.

It’s called the “Lower Drug Costs Now Act” and has already been called “socialist” by two dozen House Republicans who released a statement slamming the plan.

Taxpayer Protection Alliance says: “Pelosi’s new drug pricing plan is out, and it includes up to 95% taxes on private companies if they try to opt out of her government negotiations. A 95 percent tax would destroy any business and will kill innovation.”

Newt Gingrich also weighed in on the plan: “Pelosi’s drug plan has government ‘negotiate’ prices the way Don Corleone ‘negotiated’ with Jack Woltz to get Johnny Fontane in the movie. Her plan is worthy of a third world socialist dictatorship and a cave to the ultra hard left.

The group of Republicans say Pelosi is putting “politics over progress”.

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