Stephanie Wilkinson, the owner of the historic Red Hen Restaurant who decided to kick Sarah Sanders, her small children, and husband out of her restaurant over her ties to President Trump, may not be getting quite the hero’s reception she expected. Instead, she, and unfortunately, many of the businesses in Lexington, VA where the Red Hen restaurant is located, will likely be paying a very steep price for her poor judgment.

Liberals in America never worry about the repercussions of their actions, because they believe the rest of the world sees their efforts to take down anyone who dares to support President Trump as heroic.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

The NFL found out the hard way how most Americans feel about the anti-American sentiment that permeates the left. They suffered massive drops TV viewership and attendance numbers at the arenas where they played after their players decided to disrespect our flag as a way to bring attention to their Black Lives Matter inspired, anti-cop movement.

The owner of the Red Hen restaurant has likely, only witnessed the tip of the iceberg. It started with Trump supporters converging on Yelp, a place where people go to read restaurant reviews from consumers. The Red Hen site had to be shut down after it was bombarded with negative reviews, only hours after the news of the ejection of  Sarah Sanders, America’s beloved White House Press Secretary, from their restaurant.

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The Roanoke Times published an image of protesters outside of the Red Hen restaurant:

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VA State Representative Ben Cline apologized for the action of the Red Hen restaurant owner. He also claims that Stephanie Wilson is a cousin of Meryl Streep’s.

The Historic City of Lexington, VA Facebook page has apparently been shut down after it was inundated with negative comments about the Red Hen restaurant. Before they shut down, however, they took a poll to ask if residents thought Stephanie Wilkinson should be able to keep her position as the Director of the downtown business district? This is the last screenshot of the poll before the Facebook page was shut down.

Just before they shut down the page, the administrators posted an apology for Wilkinson’s behavior, making it clear that they do not support the actions of Wilkinson:

It has now been announced that Stephanie Wilkinson, has resigned from her position as Director of Main Street Lexington.

Wilkinson was getting hammered pretty bad on Twitter following her decision to resign:

**The original title of the article claimed that the owner of the Red Hen restaurant made “Sarah Sanders and her kids leave”, it should have read made “Sarah Sanders and her husband leave”. We have corrected it, and apologize for the error. It was inadvertent.

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