Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer let Republicans in on a secret this morning. He says Democrats won the midterms. He claims that the Kavanaugh controversy turned suburban voters towards voting for Democrats. He thinks President Trump is delusional when he claims Republicans won.

 “The bottom line is, you know, the Kavanaugh dispute, I think, helped us more than it hurt us. It’s one of the reasons we won the House so decisively. Suburban voters, traditionally Republican, came to our side. If the coalition…the old Democratic coalition can add suburban voters to it and continue to focus on issues like health care, which matter to working-class Americans throughout the country, we’re going to win.”

Schumer is giving a gift to Republicans by telling them exactly what they focused on in the midterms and will focus on in 2020. The Republican Party dropped the ball on messaging this time around. Healthcare was a target topic for Democrats. They’re twisting and turning the facts on pre-existing conditions. Note to the GOP: How about better messaging next time on healthcare.

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