WE’RE SHOCKED! Senator Daines might need Air Force One to get him to the church on time! We need every vote for this very important moment to confirm Judge Brett Kavanaugh to The Supreme Court.

Montana Republican Senator Steve Daines says he needs to be in Montana this weekend for his daughter’s wedding, throwing Saturday’s confirmation vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in doubt.

Daines says this is regardless of a possible Saturday Senate vote on Judge Kavanaugh.

Daines told the AP today that two things are going to happen this weekend. He says there will be a new Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh and he’s going to walk his daughter down the aisle.

Senator Daines has been supportive of Judge Kavanaugh during the confirmation process. His spokeswoman says he has read the FBI report and saw no evidence corroborating Christine Blasey Ford’s claims.

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A recent statement from Daines:

Daines recently spoke about his support for Judge Kavanaugh:

More is at stake than just this one vote. This is a vote against the shameful smear tactics of Democrats. This Senator needs to figure out how to be there for the vote on Saturday!

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