A shocking ruling from a federal judge just came down and it’s not good news for legal American voters.The likelihood of non-citizens voting just skyrocketed! That means YOUR VOTE won’t count…

Requiring Kansans to prove they are citizens when registering to vote is unconstitutional and violates the National Voter Registration Act, a federal judge ruled on Monday.

U.S. District Judge Julie Robinson claimed in a 188-page ruling that Kansas’ law requiring voters to prove they are citizens defies the Constitution and the National Voter Registration Act as she slammed Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach, who championed the law.

WE reports:

According to Robinson, the law prevented “tens of thousands of eligible citizens” from registering to vote and argued the “process of completing the registration process was burdensome for them.”

She also called for Kobach to undergo six hours of additional legal education that “pertain to federal or Kansas civil rules of procedure or evidence.”

“It is not clear to the Court whether Defendant repeatedly failed to meet his disclosure obligations intentionally or due to his unfamiliarity with the federal rules,” Robinson wrote. “Therefore, the Court finds that an additional sanction is appropriate in the form of Continuing Legal Education.”

Kobach, who served as a vice-chair of President Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission, is running in Kansas’ gubernatorial election.

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