Only two days ago, the smug, liberal CNN White House reporter sat in the CNN cesspool of leftist talking heads and mocked President Trump’s very good week. In addition to calling Trump out on an unproven tax fraud allegation, Collins referenced the confirmation of his Supreme Court Justice pick, Justice Kavanaugh, adding that he’s also allegedly a sexual assaulter.

CNN’s White House reporter Kaitlan Collins, who’s okay with a yearbook being used to pin a 35-year-old sexual assault allegation on an innocent man, shouldn’t be too surprised when tweets from her college years reveal that she’s a homophobe.


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The Log Cabin Republicans were first to reveal the homophobic tweets by the White House reporter.

Here are screenshots of the now deleted tweets:


Alex Thomas revealed a few more unflattering tweets made by Collins in 2011:

Collins got slammed for her tweets by conservatives who’ve been listening to her bash President Trump and Justice Kavanaugh on CNN for far too long to be understanding about her homophobic tweets.

Comedian Mark Dice responded:

Gosnell Movie Director, Phelim McAleer nailed it with his response, using a play on words, after days of criticism by the Left over Kavanaugh’s so-called “temperament”:

McAleer tweeted: This raises the question whether you have the temperament for your job

Comedian Mark Dice wasn’t quite finished, he needed to remind Collins not to worry, she was safe inside the hypocritical bubble of the Left:

Finally, Jeff Crenshaw nailed it:


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