Shocking details continue to be released about the judge that signed off on the warrant to search President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

The day after the raid, it was revealed that the judge, Federal Magistrate Bruce Reinhart, at one point quit being a prosecutor to start his own private practice.

During that time, he represented associates of Jeffrey Epstein who were accused of aiding the sex trafficker in recruiting women and transporting them across the country.

One lawsuit alleges that Reinhart used his position as a federal prosecutor to ‘curry favor’ with Epstein before leaving the DOJ and ‘immediately joining his payroll’.

Now, reporters have recovered Reinhart’s social media posts on Facebook, revealing his anti-Trump and woke, left-wing views.

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In one post, he praises left-wing icon John Lewis, who has been criticized by President Trump in the past.

He not only praises Lewis but disparages Trump in his Facebook post, parroting liberal talking head Robert Reich’s statement that “Donald Trump doesn’t have the moral stature to kiss John Lewis’s feet.”

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In a separate post, he shared a video from a group called ‘WokeFolks’ that lectured teenagers about racial privilege.

Breitbart Reports

“Bruce Reinhart, the magistrate judge who signed off on the FBI’s raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago, has a history of endorsing woke and anti-Trump viewpoints on his Facebook page, according to reports.

Images that appear to be of Reinhart’s Facebook page seen by Breitbart News show Reinhart praising leftist Robert Reich for his criticism of Donald Trump, accusing the former President of lacking “moral stature,” and sharing a woke video about “white privilege.”

In a Facebook post dated 14 January 2017, Reinhart attacked President Trump for his comments about former congressman and woke hero John Lewis.

Reinhart, who donated to the campaigns of Barack Obama and Jeb Bush, also shared a video from a page called “WokeFolks,” showing an instructor teaching teenagers about “racial privilege” by making them line up for a race in different starting positions based on the conditions of their birth and upbringing.”

Reinhart also reportedly recused himself from a civil case where Trump is suing Hillary Clinton for her role in promoting the discredited Russiagate scandal.  If he recused himself from that case, why did he not recuse himself here?  Some are already asking this question.

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