WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON IN BROWARD COUNTY? And where are the law enforcement officials who should be watching the process of the votes being counted? 

Earlier today, Str8 Don Lemon posted a photo of Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum posing for a picture with Noah Holliman, the man who dropped off the rental car at Avis Rental last night at the Fort Lauderdale airport with boxes full of provisional ballots in the trunk. The Democrat Sheriff who’s friends list includes Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz, assured everyone that the ballots were empty and there was no cause for alarm…

Was there another non-political witness who confirmed the partisan hack, Sheriff Israel’s findings or are we supposed to just believe him?

Now, in what is truly a remarkable act of defiance and non-transparency, a worker inside the area where “counted” ballots are being stuffed into bags, is alerted by workers on the floor, who are stuffing bags with ballots, that someone behind the observation windows (with emphasis on the word “observation”) was videotaping the workers inside. The worker immediately springs into action and begins to move a variety of boxes in front of the workers to conceal what they are doing from outside observers.

It’s time for the DOJ to step in and take control of this out-of-control process. Our elections are too important to be left up to a bunch of hack activists. Watch the video below and call to get the DOJ involved immediately!

Str8 Don Lemon is demanding President Trump and the DOJ take action to stop the steal of our elections.

Becoming painfully clear this is a massive s**t test & the is failing massively. Country is being STOLEN right before us and nobody is doing anything. THIS IS A NATIONAL CRISIS And the media is failing us as well!

h/t The Gateway Pundit


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