A teenager is fighting for his life after allegedly being disemboweled during a quadruple stabbing in London’s so-called ‘murder mile’.

Describing the incident on the Elmington Estate in Camberwell, a witness said they saw “four or five black boys running, [then] all of a sudden I could hear, ‘Help, help’.”

Another resident said they saw one of the four stab victims grievously wounded with his “intestines falling on the ground”, according to MailOnline.

Six male suspects, said to be aged between 15 and 16, were arrested following the incident, which took place a stone’s throw from the street where ‘drill’ rapper Sidique Kamara, also known as ‘Incognito’, was stabbed to death earlier this month. –Breitbart News

“This incident is in its very early stages and at present, we cannot speculate on what the nature of it may be,” commented Superintendent Annmarie Cowley.

“What we can say for certain is if there needed to be an example of the utter senselessness of knife crime, then this is it; four males are in hospital, and at this stage, we cannot say how serious their injuries are. It is beyond comprehension.

“I would like to offer my reassurance to the community that officers are responding robustly; we remain at the scene and have also requested additional resources from the Territorial Support Group and Violent Crime Taskforce to patrol the area.

“Additionally, a Section 60 has been authorized from 18:30hrs to 09:30hrs on Friday, 17 August, providing officers with powers to deter any further potential trouble.

“I would urge anyone who witnessed this incident to call police and tell us what you saw; if you are concerned or worried about speaking to police, I can assure you your information would be treated in the strictest of confidence.

“If you are not a person who would speak to police but you know something, I would ask you to think of the families of those involved who tonight have a loved one in hospital. Please do the right thing and speak to us. Those responsible for this should not go unpunished,” she concluded.

So, who’s to blame for the unabated increase in violence in the tolerant city of London?

Is it the Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who, as one of his first acts of tolerance, banned advertisements on buses and public spaces from including “sexy women”?

London’s Mayor Khan regularly bashes President Trump for taking a hard line on allowing unvetted refugees to immigrate to the United States from terror-hotbed nations.

London is now considered more dangerous than New York City.

ABC News created a stunning timeline of terror attacks in London in 2017.


Meanwhile, a bleeding heart liberal artist is attempting to make sexual predator refugees mainstream in London.

A piece of street art containing the phrase “sex with refugees is jasmine-scented and beautiful” in large letters has caused controversy after it appeared in London over the weekend.

The words, which were a promotional gambit for a clothing store, have been branded “horrific,” “appalling” and “weird.”


Liberal residents of London regularly criticize President Trump for his views on immigration. In October, 2017, President Trump slammed the UK after a report came out showing a 13% annual rise in crime “amid spread of Radical Islam terror”. Trump used his tweet to remind Americans about how important it is to properly vet refugees in order to keep America safe.

Instead of addressing the serious issue of the out-of-control knife crime in London, liberals protest the real enemy… white men. Try protesting refugees in London, however, and you’ll find yourself facing a hate crime:



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