Six days after the January 6 protest, the newly appointed head of the Washington, D.C. FBI field office, Steven M. D’Antuono, gave the American public a threatening warning during a press conference saying,

“The FBI will leave no stone unturned. This is a 24/7, full bore, extensive operation,” continuing he said, “As Director Wray says, the FBI does not do easy.” He reminded U.S. citizens that the FBI has a “long memory and a broad reach,” sounding like a bureaucrat whose forgotten power in the U.S. lies with its people, not unelected officials.

D’Antuono urged people to turn in friends and co-workers if it would help the FBI with their investigation, warning we “will be knocking on your door if we find out you were part of the criminal activity at the Capitol.”

D’Antuono has not been held accountable for his actions according to Julie Kelly.


This is not Steven M. D’Antuono’s first rodeo; before being transferred to the DC office, he ran the Detroit FBI field office, which took part in running the FBI, Gov. Whitmer kidnapping entrapment scheme. Adam Fox and Barry Croft were accused of planning to kidnap Michigan’s unpopular Governor in 2020, but evidence has continued to pour out showing that nearly a dozen FBI agents and informants were placed inside a 2A group in Michigan, masterminding and pushing the two men toward a kidnapping scheme. The agents got high with Fox & Croft and even had a female informant sleep in the same bed as one of the men. The informants were paid between 10k-60k. A week after the men involved in the group were arrested, D’Antuono was promoted by Chris Wray to take over the DC office.

“Why, out of 56 other field office supervisors, did Wray choose D’Antuono? And why was D’Antuono promoted just a few months before January 6, an event bearing many striking similarities—including fake militias and attempts to “storm the Capitol”—to the Whitmer fednapping.” Julie Kelly asked.

Two men accused in the Whitmer scheme were acquitted, while Fox and Croft were found guilty Tuesday during a questionable trial. Kyle Becker points out that evidence was suppressed during the retrial of Fox & Croft and gives the FBI the green light to continue harming and seeking to entrap political enemies.

Julie Kelly reveal that the judge ran interference on the weak DOJ case by suppressing evidence in the Whitmer trial.


D’Antuono’s agents also led the raid of Mar-a-Lago on August 8.
The Mar-A-Lago raid, January 6, and the Whitmer kidnapping have all been run by the same people.


Americans see what’s happening; the FBI is no longer a source of pride for the American people but a source of shame. Their actions reveal that we are sliding further into a politically polarized banana republic. 53% of voters believe the FBI is led by politicized thugs working as Biden’s personal Gestapo.

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