NBC host Chuck Todd just stepped in it during an interview with presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.

Obama supporters on social media are going bonkers with negative comments about Todd. One thing the left always does is support Obama, so it’s a big deal for the usually untouchable Democrat to be criticized.

During Meet the Press, Todd suggested that former President Barack Obama failed to “bring this country together” during his eight years in office.

Todd believes the country is divided and asked  O’Rourke about healing the perceived political divide:

“You aren’t the first candidate to say, ‘I’m going to bring this country together. The most recent Democratic president, a lot of people put their hope in him and thought he was the answer that was going to do that.”

“Why do you think that didn’t happen in Obama’s eight years?”

Chuck Todd has been trending on Twitter all day. The left is furious with him.

Todd was asking an honest question about Obama because, for anyone who was paying attention, Obama was a divider:

From the moment Obama had the ‘Beer Summit,’ everyone knew he would be a divider.

The great Thomas Sowell said of Obama:

Among the people who are disappointed with President Obama, none has more reason to be disappointed than those who thought he was going to be “a uniter, rather than a divider” and that he would “bring us all together.”

It was a noble hope, but one with no factual foundation. Barack Obama had been a divider all his adult life, especially as a community organizer, and he had repeatedly sought out and allied himself with other dividers, the most blatant of whom was the man whose church he attended for 20 years, Jeremiah Wright.


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