President Trump went to Walter Reed today for his annual physical.

As news came out about President Trump’s physical exam, leftists on social media went bonkers.

NBC’s report on Twitter was full of snark and disappointment that the exam came back as it did. Comments included claims that the results were fake news or that the president’s physician would now be given a job in the Trump administration.

A few other choice comments:

-“Obviously didn’t give him an MRI–brain scan would have said otherwise–bet on it”

-“There is no god”

-“Likely a lie”

Anti-Trumpers got downright nasty by saying “Too bad” or “Obviously there wasn’t a mental evaluation.”

Most comments questioned the president’s mental health. You can thank all of the propaganda from the media and Democrats for the vitriol and lies spewed on social media. It’s a blood sport nowadays where the feeding frenzy of who can top another person with a nastier or snarkier comment. President Trump has been the target and the media just keeps chumming the social media waters so the anti-Trump posters will bite.

The good news is our president is healthy. Six more years.


The president’s physician reported that President Trump is in “very good health.”

After annual physical, the physician to the president says in a memo that President Trump is “in very good health, and I anticipate he will remain so for the duration of his Presidency, and beyond.”


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