Last month, Kanye West visited President Trump with NFL legend Jim Brown to show their support for our President and to discuss prison reform. Last week, President Trump hosted a large group of student activists from the Young Black Leaders Summit at the White House.

Fox News – Chants of ‘We love Trump, U-S-A!’ echoed across the East Room of the White House before, during, and after President Donald Trump’s address to hundreds of young black conservatives.

The President’s address was part of the Young Black Leaders Summit (YBLS), a four-day conference focused on millennial-aged, conservative black Americans. The student-activist group, Turning Point USA, is hosting the event.

Turning Point’s Communications Director Candace Owens told Fox News that the YBLS is working to change the narrative when it comes to President Trump and the Democratic Party for black Americans.

“Despite all of the lies and propaganda, black Americans are waking up,” said Owens. “Black Americans are realizing that this person you’ve painted as a monster seems to be bringing results that you’ve promised for decades and never delivered.”

Watch Candace Owens, as she delivers a powerful message to young black Americans.

A new Rasmussen poll that’s just been released shows President Trump’s approval ratings going up. It’s the Black and Hispanic poll numbers, however, that likely have the Democrat Party shaking in their boots.

It appears that Trump’s record low unemployment numbers for Black Americans and Owens’ efforts to encourage Black Americans to leave the Democrat plantation are paying off. Earlier today, the brains behind the Blexit (Black exit from the Democrat Party) movement, Candace Owens, tweeted about Trump’s new record high approval numbers with Black Americans.

Owens tweeted:

’s approval today amongst Black Americans is at a record high.

The Democrats took our fathers, destroyed our communities and told us we can be nothing but their victims.

is happening, because it’s time. 

Here’s a close-up shot of the poll, showing Black support for President Trump at 40%.


Rapper Kanye West, who visited the White House earlier in the month to show his support for President Trump, has lent his support for the Blexit movement by creating a logo for Blexit apparel.

Black Americans are not the only minority group in America to experience the positive effects of President Trump’s efforts to help their communties. President Trump’s approval numbers are also on the rise with Hispanic Americans.

The Washington Free Beacon reports – The RNC says it has already seen results from the 15.7 million contacts it has made in the Hispanic community either by phone or in person. It points to an uptick in President Donald Trump’s approval rating among Hispanics, which it credits to both its outreach and to successful policies.

The effective policies of the Trump administration on behalf of our community have led to record low unemployment of 4.5 percent and as a result, increased support from Hispanic voters across the country,” said Yali Nuñez, the RNC’s director of Hispanic media. “We remain focused on advocating for policies and candidates that empower the Hispanic community.”

“This cycle, our ground game is unprecedented and our supporters are energized like never before,” said Nuñez. “The RNC is proud of its ongoing and longstanding commitment to Hispanic voters.”

Florida’s Republican governor Rick Scott, on the ballot this cycle as a Senate candidate, has also been able to make inroads in the Puerto Rican community through his work to help the island recover from Hurricane Maria.

On Saturday, Scott received the endorsement from Puerto Rico’s former governor Carlos Romero Barceló, a Democrat.

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