Michigan is currently entertaining a ballot proposal that could effectively make abortion legal without any restrictions.

Proposal 3, which will be one of the many things voted on in the upcoming midterm elections for Michigan voters, would enshrine abortion rights in the Michigan constitution and does not lay out any restrictions.

The proposal would allow Michigan’s legislators to enact abortion restrictions after the point of viability but does not require that they do so.

Governor Whitmer has not committed to any restrictions on abortion, meaning that she could and likely would veto any abortion restrictions after the point of viability, which would make Michigan the most permissive state in the country regarding abortion laws.

One of the first subjects discussed in the Michigan Gubernatorial debate happening on Tuesday night was abortion.

Dixon said that she firmly opposes Proposal 3, but would respect the will of the people if they chose to enact it.

She went on to say that Proposal 3 would make Michigan’s abortion laws the most radical in the country, and only second to China and North Korea in the world.

Further, Proposal 3 would make it so minors can get abortions without the consent of parents.

Dixon refused to let Whitmer dither on the issue and said that she holds the most radical position in the country on abortion.

Dixon is still trailing Governor Whitmer, but recent polls show that she is gaining on her in the final weeks leading up to the election.

The 538 polling average shows that at the beginning of the month, Whitmer was leading by 12.9%, she is now only leading by 5.7%.

A RealClearPolitics polling average shows Dixon even closer, trailing within the margin of error at 3.2%.


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