President Trump spoke about his encounter with Nancy Pelosi and her comments about his behavior at a meeting yesterday.

Pelosi has been characterizing the temperament of Trump as angry and out of control.

President Trump tweeted twice to say he was calm and was never out of control during the brief meeting where he said he wouldn’t work with Democrats on infrastructure unless they stop investigations of him.

He describes what happened in the video below:

“I think she’s got a lot of problems,” Trump said of Pelosi when explaining his account of yesterday’s White House meeting with top Democrats. “She is a mess.”

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“You were very calm.”

Pres. Trump asks multiple aides to describe his demeanor at yesterday’s White House meeting on infrastructure. They told him he was “calm and straightforward” and there was “no temper tantrum.”

Nancy Pelosi has been all over the place trashing the president and even saying he needs an “intervention” by his family or staff:

Nancy Pelosi holds a press conference every Thursday and it’s always a scream. She garbles and stutters her way through the whole thing. Today was no different except Nancy took a dark turn to make claims that are waaaay off base.

Nancy Pelosi’s comment about the president is so insane and wrong! She’s the definition of dirty politics.

“I Pray for the President of the United States… I Wish His Staff or Family or Administration Would Have an Intervention.”

H/T Gateway Pundit

If anyone needs an intervention, it’s Nancy Pelosi. President Trump tweeted out after Pelosi said in a memo to House members that he had a “temper tantrum” when he canceled the meeting:

President Trump tweeted out again this morning that he was calm when he canceled the meeting:

The Democrats have been spying on and trashing our president since he came into office. He’s been tremendously strong and calm in the face of political dirty tricks like we’ve never seen before.

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This will backfire on the Democrats.

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy spoke out right after Pelosi spoke calling her “irresponsible”.


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