Yesterday, the Republican presidential candidate who lost the 2012 presidential election to an unpopular Barack Obama, attempted to disparage President Trump over his legitimate phone call to Ukraine President Zelensky. Poor Mitt, he just can’t get over Trump winning in 2016 after he suffered an embarrassing loss to Barack Obama, in an election that a professional fly-swatter could’ve won.

In his tweet, Mitt Romney slammed Trump for daring to question the corruption with Biden’s son Hunter, that Joe Biden allegedly helped to facilitate while he was Vice President of the United States.

Sour grapes Romney tweeted:

By all appearances, the President’s brazen and unprecedented appeal to China and to Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden is wrong and appalling.

When the only American citizen President Trump singles out for China’s investigation is his political opponent in the midst of the Democratic nomination process, it strains credulity to suggest that it is anything other than politically motivated.

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President Trump responded to the opportunist Senator who asked for Trump’s support while running for Governor of Massachusetts and Senator of Utah. In his tweet, Trump reminded everyone that if Mitt worked as hard on defeating Obama as he does on his attacks on Trump, he would have won. He also reminded everyone about how Mitt “choked” in the final debates against Obama, and essentially gifted him a second term.

Somebody please wake up Mitt Romney and tell him that my conversation with the Ukrainian President was a congenial and very appropriate one, and my statement on China pertained to corruption, not politics. If Mitt worked this hard on Obama, he could have won. Sadly, he choked!

Trump also reminded everyone what we already knew about Romney, that he’s a “pompous ass” who’s “been fighting me from the beginning,” except when Romney needed his help to further his political career, which Trump gave him.

Mitt Romney never knew how to win. He is a pompous “ass” who has been fighting me from the beginning, except when he begged me for my endorsement for his Senate run (I gave it to him), and when he begged me to be Secretary of State (I didn’t give it to him). He is so bad for R’s!

Let’s face it, Mitt Romney’s obsession with Trump stems from his jealousy over Trump’s ability to connect with the everyday man and woman. Blue-collar Americans never embraced Mitt Romney in 2012 because he’s an out-of-touch pompous ass that they felt didn’t understand or care about their issues. President Trump, on the other hand, has always been able to connect with the forgotten man and woman, and he’s proven he cares about them by putting them back to work.

Fly-over America loves Trump. It’s a phenomenon that few billionaires will ever be able to understand. Most billionaires, however, with the exception of George Soros, don’t sit around like Mitt Romney and obsess over the love affair the everyday man and woman have with President Trump.

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