As the end of Title 42 approaches this week, Republican senators, led by Sen. Mitt Romney, are urging the Biden regime to resume construction on the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

In a letter to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, the group of senators wrote, “The Administration has failed to acknowledge the crisis at our border, and is recognizing in the eleventh hour that the upcoming removal of Title 42 authorities, and the subsequent surge in border crossings that is predicted, will have disastrous effects on the security of our nation.”

“Terrorists, traffickers and other bad actors know about our country’s failure to secure the border and they continuously exploit those weaknesses,” the letter reads. “There is a glaringly simple solution right in front of you: we must finish the border wall.”

Romney, an outspoken critic of Trump, is now supporting the former president’s border security plan and criticizing the Biden administration’s lack of attention to border security, which he says has led to a “humanitarian crisis.”

The letter to Mayorkas addresses this crisis, particularly regarding vulnerable children.

“The crisis at the border has also contributed to ongoing harms against migrant children, and has left them vulnerable to exploitation, forced labor and sex trafficking,” the letter says. “We only know about the current administration’s failure to protect minors from the custody of dangerous or negligent guardians because of congressional oversight, journalists and whistleblowers.”

After refusing to acknowledge the border crisis that his administration has been contributing to since the start of his presidency, Joe Biden recently sent 1,500 active-duty U.S. troops to the southern border.

This move prompted criticism from both Republicans and Democrats.

While up until now the Biden administration has pretended that there is no immigration crisis, they are now scrambling to try and manage the overwhelming number of immigrants approaching the border.

A new policy that the administration will be implementing is an asylum rule that will prohibit migrants from seeking asylum in the U.S. if they passed through another country before arriving at the U.S. border and did not first try to seek asylum in that country.

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