President Trump just spoke with reporters about his trip to the border:

He set the record straight on what happened in the meeting yesterday with Democratic leaders after the fake news media and Democrats spun the facts.

President Trump then went on to discuss border security.

He slammed the Democrats in a big way by saying “they don’t give a damn” about crime.

President Trump will be visiting McAllen, Texas’ Border Patrol Station to discuss immigration & border security.

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Trump on Democrats amid border wall clash:

“They don’t give a damn about crime.”

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This will be his third border visit. He previously visited Yuma, AZ & Otay Mesa, CA

Trump sets the record straight on the meeting with Dems: “I didn’t pound the table. I didn’t pound the table. That is a lie,” says Pres Trump of Senator Schumer’s description of his behavior in walking out of talks yesterday with Congressional leaders. “I don’t have temper tantrums,” he says. “All of that narrative is a lie.”

President Trump knows what’s happening at the border and has been such a great fighter for all Americans.

“If we declare a national emergency, we have plenty of funds” -PDJT

President Trump says the Democrats don’t care about drugs and gangs coming across the border.

He says we’ll have a win with a compromise or we’ll have a national emergency.

We think he should go for it! Build the Wall/Fence…whatever.


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