President Trump arrived in West Virginia to a packed house! He looked strong and gave a solid speech hitting on all of the topics of the day…He arrived on stage to the song “Take Me Home, Country Roads”

The president mentioned the coal miners and how they are being put back to work. West Virginia is coal country and they love what he’s done to bring back the industry that helped their communities thrive.

The crowd chanted “Lock her up!” in reference to “Crooked” Hillary Clinton. It’s become a tradition…

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He mentioned Manafort and Cohen then asked where’s the collusion: “Fake news and the Russian witch hunt… where is the collusion? Find the collusion.” Great question Mr. President!

He spoke about what Americans REALLY care about! It isn’t Manafort and Cohen but the death by an illegal alien of Mollie Tibbetts:


President Trump commented on the progress of the wall at our southern border saying things are coming along nicely. We wish they would hurry up with that wall!

President Trump wants Americans to know just how important this upcoming election is, “This election is bigger than any one race. It’s about whether we want to continue the amazing progress we’ve made for America or whether we want to surrender that progress to the forces of extremism and obstruction.”

The president went on to comment on NY Governor Andrew Cuomo’s controversial comment the America was never great:

NY Governor Cuomo “even declared that America was never great…Tell that to our great soldiers at World War I, World War II, Korean War, and so many others.”

“We’re the greatest country in the world and we are now the greatest economy that we have ever had. We’re the greatest economy in the world.”

President Trump spoke about ICE and border patrol agents:

“People are coming in, but we’re getting them out. We have MS-13 on the run. Our ICE folks and our Border Patrol folks…they have no fear. The job they do is incredible. Every single day ICE is tracking down gang members, drug dealers, predators, and killers and we’re either throwing them in jail or throwing them the hell out of our country.”

“You know who wants the wall more than any of us? ICE and Border Patrol because they know that’s going to be a big, big factor in stopping the drugs from coming in.”



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