President Trump made an announcement late last night about whether he would deliver the State of the Union at an alternative venue. Nancy Pelosi had officially blocked him from having the speech in the House Chamber until after the Shutdown is over.

Nancy Pelosi responded to Trump’s announcement (see below)  by tweeting out that the Democrats want to push through votes in the Senate today to reopen the government. She said she hopes President Trump will support the package. Word is that the effort is DOA.

President Trump tweeted out his decision to wait until the Shutdown is over to deliver his speech in the House Chamber:

As the Shutdown was going on, Nancy Pelosi asked me to give the State of the Union Address. I agreed. She then changed her mind because of the Shutdown, suggesting a later date. This is her prerogative

 I will do the Address when the Shutdown is over.

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I am not looking for an alternative venue for the SOTU Address because there is no venue that can compete with the history, tradition and importance of the House Chamber. I look forward to giving a “great” State of the Union Address in the near future!


“Mr. President, I hope by saying “near future” you mean you will support the House-passed package to #EndTheShutdown that the Senate will vote on tomorrow. Please accept this proposal so we can re-open government, repay our federal workers and then negotiate our differences.”

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats are telling Trump they will “negotiate our differences” if he ends the Shutdown. What makes anyone think the Democrats will work with President Trump on anything to do with the wall? It’s total obstruction by the Democrats who obviously don’t care about the American people.

The strategy could be that now this puts the ball in Pelosi’s court. This also shines a light on her pettiness.

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