Chicago City Hall was the scene of a protest last week by Chicago Police officers who were protesting Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel. During the protest, a woman was caught on camera spitting on a police officer who was demonstrating against Mayor Rahm Emanuel. The police officers want support from the mayor and want the mayor to stop supporting the anti-cop media.

The video below is just another sign that the left has lost it…bonkers!

So many were shocked and upset by what this woman did to the protester who was peacefully marching during the “Blue Monday” event:

Fox News reports:

The “Blue Wednesday” event was organized by the city’s Fraternal Order of Police, who accuse Emanuel of “turning his back” on the police department and “pandering to police-hating media.”

The police union members held signs reading “Back the Blue” and “Blue Lives Matter” and read a statement at a city council meeting.

They were met by a group of counter-protesters, including a young woman who was seen screaming at the officers and at one point spit at one of them.


Chicago Police have every right to legally protest against the mayor and an administration that just won’t let them do their job. The killings are at a record pace and tough police work, which Chicago will not allow, would bring things back to order fast…the killings must stop!

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