President Trump just tweeted out Tucker Carlson’s monologue from tonight. It’s a brilliant review of how the dossier started and what happened after. It’s so worth the time.

Carlson begins his monologue by saying Democrats have learned nothing and are pushing what they preached against when  Obama was president.

He then goes through how the dossier began and was published. A video clip is shown of an interview with the Editor of Buzzfeed where he admits that even though the dossier wasn’t proven, Buzzfeed still published it.

“It was fake then…it is fake now”

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This was all invented by the Clinton campaign who hired Fusion GPs. This unverified dossier was pushed out as news.

Words used by Democrats said Trump was treasonous, an agent for Russia…

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The entire Tucker Carlson Tonight show from tonight:

Still, there is no proof of collusion…

Joe Concha joins Tucker to say that the left will “pivot” when the Mueller report is released and there is no collusion. He says that what Democrats wanted has been accomplished…Most Democrats believe what’s been fed to them by the news media.

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