Trump’s former attorney John Dowd just called out Robert Mueller for editing his report. This is a huge bombshell by Dowd!

John Dowd appeared on Sean Hannity last night along with Alan Dershowitz to discuss the slick move by Mueller who deceptively edited Dowd’s words in a transcript of his testimony to set him up for obstruction.

The actual transcript and then the edited Mueller transcript are below from the Conservative Treehouse:

The context of the call is left out of the Mueller Report setting up Dowd as reported and discovered by Rosie Memos: Once again #MuellerReport edited messages to make them appear more damaging, full transcript of this phone call reveals Dowd’s message was pretty typical for a lawyer and he clearly states he’s not interested in any confidential info. What else did they manipulate?

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The set-up of Flynn and now Dowd raises questions of doubt about the Mueller Report and about what else these corrupt individuals did to set others up.

Remember that Flynn was set up from the beginning:

Sean Hannity goes into detail about how it was done.

This is why Mueller needs to testify about his report.

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