The jobs report was released today and it’s bad news for the “do nothing” Democrats.

A record of 158,510,000 Americans were employed in October!

This is the 23rd record President Trump has broken!

Labor Participation Rate is at 63.3%!

Jobs added in October exceeded expectations at 128,000.

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Trump must have a magic wand!

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While the unemployment rate ticked up from 3.5% to 3.6%, the unemployment level for black Americans has never been lower at 5.4%.

A breakdown of unemployment rates for different groups:

Adult men (3.2 percent)

Adult women (3.2 percent)

Teenagers (12.3 percent)

Whites (3.2 percent)

Blacks (5.4 percent)

Asians (2.9 percent)

Hispanics (4.1 percent)

Even better, wages also continued to climb in October.

This report shows President Trump’s economic policies are working. A killer for Democrats who have nothing on Trump when it comes to the economy.


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