Korean leader Kim Jong Un took questions from reporters in a rare move that turned out to be good news for President Trump. The Korean leader has taken the unprecedented step of answering reporter’s questions earlier in the day and then did so again during another meeting with Trump.

The two leaders appeared comfortable and bantered back and forth when reporters asked questions:

Kim Jong Un fields multiple questions from Western reporters in Hanoi. One asked Kim if he’s ‘ready to denuclearize.’

“If I’m not willing do that I won’t be here right now,” he said through an interpreter.

“That’s a good answer,” said Pres. Trump.

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Kim was then asked would he take concrete steps towards denuclearization?

Kim said: “That’s what we’re talking about now.”

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As reporters shouted questions, both leaders took turns responding. When a reporter asked about human rights abuses, President Trump replied, “We’re discussing everything.”

Kim then said to reporters that the US opening a diplomatic office in Pyongyang would be welcomed.

President Trump then commented to reporters that they’re “having very good discussions” and then said, “we’ll see where it all goes.”  He continued, “We’ve had very very productive discussions. The relationship is as good as it’s ever been, I think better.”

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