Valerie Jarrett emerged from the Obama bunker to defend the violent rhetoric being used by Eric Holder…She blows it off and says it was just a joke. Brooke Baldwin played the clip of former Attorney General Eric Holder saying that Democrats should kick Republicans. Jarrett shrugged it off then Baldwin didn’t follow up with examples of other Democrats who called for aggression towards Republicans…Maxine Waters, Corey Booker, Tom Perez, and others have called for uncivil behavior towards Republicans…

It goes without saying that there is a big reason Jarrett lives in the DC home of the Obamas. She’s still in the battle with Barack who’s been more outspoken than any other past president against his successor. In fact, Obama has been more aggressive than ever on the campaign trail for other candidates. The rhetoric is off the charts!

The video below should be seen by everyone! It exposes the former president for doing what he claims others do. The claims using the word “they” are doing exactly what he’s claiming the other side is doing. See what he did there? He’s saying “they” are fearful…WHO ARE THE “THEY” HE SPEAKS OF?

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The tactics used by the former president have been the same since the beginning. It’s the politics of identity and division the Democrats would love to keep alive. It’s how they keep their base voting out of fear. Obama is doing exactly what he claims the other side is doing…See what he did in the video?

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