The 11th “suspicious package” discovered and retrieved from a mail facility in Florida is addressed to Senator Cory Booker. This is happening just as investigators are investigating surveillance video of the courier delivering a “suspicious package” to CNN.

Just in: Add James Clapper to the list as #12. Cory Booker and other key Democrats have been targeted as the mystery of who sent the packages grows. The authorities are saying that they’re looking in the Florida area for the person who sent the packages. They believe several packages went through a processing and distribution center in Opa-locka, Florida. The facility handles incoming and outgoing mail from South Florida.

Speculation has grown that it’s a hoax because most of the supposed explosive devices weren’t rigged to explode as previously reported by news outlets:

Could the packages being sent to Democrats and liberal activists be the work of someone trying to sabotage Republicans or is this the work of a conservative who’s angry enough to do something stupid? The media has decided to jump on this story like nobody’s business.

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Terrence K. Williams asks the questions for us in the video below:

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The media is in such a hurry to make a “suspicious package” into a “BOMB”. This is typical of our media. The Secret Service came out at the same time the New York Post and others reported a “BOMB” to say that they have “suspicious packages”. There was no talk of a bomb AT ALL!

The New York Post decided to jump the gun and call the package a bomb…

Bombs sent to Obama, Clinton; explosives scare at CNN

They were at “no risk of receiving” the package so is this proof that this is someone on the left sending the packages?

Suspicious packages…



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