Al Roker, NBC’s Today Show weatherman, explained why he has been off the air for the past weeks. Sixty-eight-year-old Roker shared that he was hospitalized due to blood clots. Although he is vaccinated and boosted, he tested positive for COVID in September. Roker was an early recipient of the COVID-19 vaccine in January 2021, getting his shot on live TV on the Today Show.

On social media, Roker thanked his fans for their concern about where he had been, saying, “Last week I was admitted to the hospital with a blood clot in my leg which sent some clots into my lungs. I am so fortunate to be getting terrific care and on the way to recovery. Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.”


Today Show featured footage of Roker helping promote the C-19 vaccine saying he spent a weekend trying to get an appointment for the shot when he “hit paydirt” securing a time slot at Lenox Hill Hospital. He let the audience know he was getting the Pfizer vaccine. Roker asked Medical Director Doctor Daniel Baker to confirm the schedule for the vaccine and followed up the question by asking, “is it safe?” “Absolutely,” the Baker responded, “we get asked that a lot, but the clinical trials really showed its efficacy.” Dr. Baker stressed that Roker should continue to wear his mask. Roker mentioned that some people wanted to wait on taking the vaccine, preferring to achieve herd immunity naturally, and asked Baker to “pop that balloon for me” in his final push to compel people to take the shot. Dr. Baker responded as if his lines had been rehearsed, saying, “We all have to do our part; we have to go get the vaccine to really get that herd immunity.”


Strangely those like Roker, who have been vaccinated and boosted, are still contracting Covid at high rates of infection.
Yet many are still claiming vaccines were successful. As one Twitter user pointed out, “This generation of Americans have the lowest standards in modern history.” Americans have been plagued with a government and media that sees “repeat infections, not stopping transmission, allowing millions to be permanently disabled with long covid, needing more drugs after infection & STILL claiming the vaccine was a great success.”


Rizza Islam talked about Bill Gates’s sponsorship of the c-19 shots, asking why we are listening to someone who has no medical expertise at all. He pointed out that Bill Gates came from a long lineage of eugenicists and had a terrible track record with other shots he promoted. “Women in Kenya sterilized by Tetanus shots. Men, women, and children experienced paralysis from a polio shot. Myocarditis, blood clots, death from Covid shots all heavily sponsored by the Bill & Melinda Gates “foundation.” Why?

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