While Trump’s enemies continue looking for endless reasons to prosecute the 45th president, American support continues growing for the harassed MAGA leader.

Following his latest indictment, Trump’s numbers took another leap, according to the latest polls. He now boasts a 38-point lead over DeSantis and over 50 points over any other would-be contenders for the GOP nomination. The polls show Trump holds a nearly insurmountable lead and is as popular as ever with the American people.

When Soros-backed Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg indicted Trump in late March on falsifying business records allegations, the 45th president’s support shot up in the polls. The left continues to misunderstand that the American people see Trump as one of their own and view his prosecution as unjust.
On Monday, Trump pushed supporters to stand up via his Truth Social platform, saying we need to be strong in order to beat those that are trying to destroy our nation,
“Getting ready to head down to Doral in Miami. We must all be STRONG and DEFEAT the Communists, Marxists, and Radical Left Lunatics that are systematically destroying our Country. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”
A Twitter user posted their own poll after sharing that Trump is “blowing out his competition in the GOP primary election with recent polls revealing a whopping 61% of Republican voters will support him in the 2024 primary election” following his federal indictment. The follow-up poll asked how many support President Trump. The below survey shows that so far, Trump has received the support of just over 93%.

Representative Byron Donalds nailed what is taking place, saying that the arraignment of President Trump is nothing more than political prosecution. He noted that former officials did significantly worse things with classified materials, and the Department of Justice “turned a blind eye and moved down the road.”
“That is why the American people look at this; they think it is disgusting, and they think it’s a two-tiered justice system simply to go after President Trump.”
Donalds tweeted, “When our federal government turns a blind eye to Biden, Clinton, and many others but is hellbent on getting Trump, that’s the definition of a Two-Tier justice system. Enough is Enough.

The vast majority of Americans share Donald’s sentiment and are disgusted by Trump’s political opposition using tax-payer dollars to fund their endless, unmerited attacks against the GOP’s front-runner for 2024, Donald Trump.

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