On Tuesday, The World Health Organization (WHO) assembled for an urgent meeting during an outbreak in Africa. In an effort to contain the deadly Malburg Virus, the group discussed the development of vaccines and therapeutics.

The Marburg virus is considered to be more dangerous than it related cousin, Ebola, and has broken out in Central Africa’s Equatorial Guinea. This is apparently the first outbreak the country has experienced. Nine people have died so far, and it is possible that another 12 or more people are also infected.
One Twitter user posted footage saying, “WHO convenes “urgent” meeting over an outbreak of the deadly Marburg virus. The highly infectious pathogen which causes some sufferers to bleed from their eyes has been touted as the next big pandemic threat, with the WHO describing it as epidemic-prone.”

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There are growing fears that the world could be caught off guard by the currently untreatable infection that kills up to 88 percent of the people it infects.

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The virus is only spread after prolonged physical contact. As a result, health officials hope it will be contained and controlled.

The Equatorial Guinea outbreak comes a few months after Ghana reported an outbreak, which marked only the second time the disease had been detected in West Africa.

George Ameh, WHO’s country representative in Equatorial Guinea, said during the meeting that covid contract tracing teams were being utilized again in the region, “Surveillance in the field has been intensified, contact tracing, as you know, is a cornerstone of the response. We have… redeployed the COVID-19 teams that were there for contact tracing and quickly retrofitted them to really help us out.”

Cases of Marburg infection are rare but extremely deadly. African fruit bats are known for being natural harborers of the virus but, unlike humans, do not appear to fall ill when infected.

While health experts discuss treatment, Twitter lit up with skepticism over the virus, as distrust in public officials has skyrocketed following the many abusive and unnecessary covid practices unleashed globally by world governments and “health officials.”

One Twitter user said, “After C19, Monkeypox, the Kraken, then Bird Flu, now Marburg virus.” Retweeting “Caution: A new variant will be announced Every time people stop being afraid.”

Twitter user Frank Zelenko reminded people about options other than WHO-inspired vaccines and protocols for protecting their health, “There’s a class of virus called single strand RNA…include all the covid strains, influenza virus, rev, Marburg Virus, ebola, hanta, SAME TREATMENT using ZINC IONOPHORES (HCQ, IVN, QUERCITIN, EGCG) and ZINC…”

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