In another push to erase real women, Sports Illustrated is the latest company to push a woke and harmful agenda. The magazine is willing to insult biological women by opting to feature biological men instead. The sports magazine opted to use transgender singer Kim Petras as one of its 2023 cover models.

Twitter users shared their anger over Sports Illustrated’s decision. “The biological make Kim Petras is now a 2023 SI Swimsuit cover model. Real women are under attack and being shunned and discarded by big government and big corporations. I will never understand why anyone would prefer mental illness over a real woman. But here we are…”

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According to Western Journal, MJ Day, the SI Swimsuit editor, praised Petras, saying, “The Grammy-winning pop star, a beacon of inspiration for the LGBTQ+ community, has blazed her own path to superstardom, but it has been anything but a straight line.”

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She also added that while Petras is “proud that the trans community is inspired by her work, she uses her platform to encourage others to reach for the stars, regardless of gender or sexuality.”

Another harmful component of the woke PR move is that Petras was a minor when he decided to transition into a woman. The German singer, previously named Tim, underwent trans surgery at the age of sixteen. In celebrating the radical trans agenda, Sports Illustrated is attempting to normalize minors undergoing surgical mutilation of their bodies. Photos of Petras look like they have been doctored for the Sports Illustrated spread.
In February, Petras also made the news after participating in singer Sam Smith’s satanic performance during the Grammy’s.
Oli London, who has frequently spoken out against the destructive transgender ideology he himself fell prey to, tweeted a reminder that Sports Illustrated opted to choose a trans singer, who can be seen in a cage during a satanic ritualistic performance, as their cover model. The choice reveals both the darkness of the agenda and its far-reaching desire to harm today’s youth by manipulating their minds and emotions via pop culture.

The SI Swimsuit edition debuted in 1964 and was designed to celebrate feminine beauty. The cover featured German model Babette March.

Cheryl Tiegs, who was the model gracing the 1969 cover, was the first to be coined a “supermodel.” Early Sports Illustrated fans probably never suspected that the magazine would one day replace women with biological men who had surgically altered themselves to look like women as the featured cover models.


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