This is so sad.

According to both KJP and John Kirby, Joe Biden will soon be holding a “Big Boy” (their words) Press Conference soon.

Which only begs the question: what have all the other ones been?

Of course we know the answer…

Joe Biden is regressing faster than that one cross-dresser dude in his cabinet can steal a bag of luggage from an airport!

Things have gotten so bad that Jill Biden congratulates him like a Kindergartner for “answering all of the questions” at the debate.

So of course he can’t do “Big Boy” things very often.

And when he tries to do them, you have to literally call it a “Big Boy” Press Conference to get the little fella all jazzed up for it!

So sad.

Collin Rugg reports:

JUST IN: Both Karine Jean-Pierre and John Kirby refer to President Biden’s upcoming press conference as a “Big Boy” press conference.


KJP: “This week, President Biden will… hold a press conference, a Big Boy press conference.”

Kirby: “After that the president will hold a press conference. I guess a big boy press conference is what we’re calling it.”

Full video player here:

Someone please tell me this is a joke….

RELATED REPORT — come on folks, cut him some slack….he’s doing the “goodest” he can do, ok!?!

Joe Biden: “I Did The Goodest Job As I Know I Could Do”

This is just getting sad at this point….

Joe Biden’s interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos went terribly for him on so many levels, but this is by far my favorite part.

Full video player here:

And they can’t even claim we heard it wrong, because ABC’s official transcript uses “goodest” (a word my spell-checker keeps telling me is not a real word:

It’s so sad, actually.

Almost makes you feel bad for him.

He’s reverting to being a little child, (“I did my goodest, Mommy!”) which is probably why they treat him like one….

Remember this ultra cringe moment?

Watch this clip, and you’ll see what I mean:

The New York Times wrote:

Clutching a microphone at an after-party in Atlanta, Biden is focusing on Trump’s performance, not his own: “I can’t think of one thing he said that was true.”

The first lady, Jill Biden, offers up her review of her husband’s performance: “Such a great job. You answered every question.”

“Joe, you did such a great job answering every question. You knew all the facts!”

There’s clearly something very wrong medically at this point, don’t you think?

Is this what’s really going on? 👇

NEW REPORT: Joe Biden Has Parkinson’s Disease

NEW REPORT: Joe Biden Has Parkinson's Disease

EDITOR'S NOTE: we cannot confirm or deny whether Joe Biden does indeed have Parkinson's Disease or any form of dementia.  We are simply reporting on the growing number of reports that claim he does.

Reports are swirling online that Joe Biden has been confirmed to have Parkinson's Disease and/or forms of Dementia.  A very bad combination.

Laura Loomer has led a lot of the reporting, which has been criticized by the White House but which is appearing to be confirmed by other sources as time goes on.

We start with this report from Loomer from yesterday:



When Dr. Kevin Cannard, the Parkinson’s Disease specialist met with @JoeBiden ’s physician, Dr. Kevin O’Connor on January 17th, 2024 at the @WhiteHouse
, the appointment was made on January 12th (5 days before the meeting) and White House logs show the meeting was NEARLY 7 HOURS and didn’t end till MIDNIGHT!

Why was a Parkinson’s specialist at the White House with Biden and his doctor till MIDNIGHT for 7 hours?????

This was not mentioned this morning in the report by
@nypost about the visit to the White House.

7 hours is ABNORMAL for any doctors visit. And unless it’s an emergency, doctors are not meeting with patients and their primary care doctor till Midnight.

See White House log below. 👇🏻

It should be noted that Loomer's post is not pure speculation but is relying on White House visitor logs.

Follow up here:

But then the NY Post got involved, posting this:

Here are more details from the NY Post report:

A top Washington D.C. neurologist had a meeting with President Biden’s personal doctor at the White House earlier this year, visitor logs reviewed by The Post show.

Dr. Kevin Cannard, a Parkinson’s disease expert at Walter Reed Medical Center, met with Dr. Kevin O’Connor, and two others at the White House residence clinic on Jan. 17, according to the records, which emerge as questions continue to swirl about the 81-year-old president’s mental health in the wake of his debate debacle last week with former President Trump.

Dr. John E. Atwood, a cardiologist are Walter Reed, was also in the 5 P.M. meeting, the White House visitor logs show.

The fourth person has not been identified in the logs from that day, when Biden was at the White House and hosted House and Senate leaders to press them for more Ukraine funding, according to his official schedule.

Cannard is an authority on Parkinson’s who has worked at Walter Reed for nearly 20 years.

Since 2012, he has served as the “neurology specialist supporting the White House Medical Unit,” according to his LinkedIn.

His most recent paper was published in August 2023 in the journal Parkinsonism & Related Disorders, and focuses on the “early-stage” of the crippling disease.

Since Biden’s health is O’Connor’s primary responsibility, it is highly probable the meeting was about the commander in chief, according to Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-Tx), the doctor for both Presidents Obama and Trump.

“It’s highly likely they were talking about Biden,” Jackson told The Post.

“He should only be [regularly] treating the president and the first family.”

Bill Ackman reports that according to his sources and experts, Joe Biden has "lewy body dementia, Parkinson's and/or Alzheimer's":

Ackman also notes that the decline from here will not be "linear" but will accelerate quickly.

More here:

Chris Greene at AMTV actually had the report about the same time as Loomer, and posted this video explaining what he is hearing from his sources:

NOTE: his videos get removed (or he takes them down) often, so this may be gone by the time you read the article.

Watch here for more from OANN:

This is a Guest Post from our friends over at WLTReport.

View the original article here.

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