Apparently, the arrogant 88-year-old Congressman John Conyers, who is being accused of sexual misconduct by several women, is not going to leave the halls of Congress on his own. Yesterday, Black Caucus member, Congressman James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed that the women accusing Conyers of sexual misconduct were “all white women” or racists. Today, Conyers black accuser is speaking out.

More than a week after it was first reported that Rep. John Conyers, a Democrat from Detroit, settled a sexual harassment claim in 2015, the woman he settled with is speaking out.

Brown’s 2014 complaint, and a settlement she reached with Conyers in 2015, were first reported by BuzzFeed News last week. The report did not identify Brown, who signed a non-disclosure agreement as part of the settlement that prohibited her from speaking about it.

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The report included Brown’s accusation that Conyers had fired her after she rejected his sexual advances. Since then, at least two other female former staffers have accused Conyers of sexual harassment. Conyers denies the allegations.

Lisa Bloom, the high-profile attorney representing Brown, issued a statement Sunday calling on Conyers and the congressional Office of Compliance to release her client from the non-disclosure agreement.

Brown said Thursday that she decided to break the agreement and speak out to be a voice for other women.

“I felt it was worth the risk to stand up for all the women in the workforce that are voiceless ― ordinary women like myself with extraordinary challenges, working in the workforce, that are dominated by men,” she said. –Huffington Post

Before Conyer’s accuser Marion Brown came out and courageously appeared on the Today Show, Nancy Pelosi stood firm in her belief that Conyers was innocent. She even went as far as to call him an “icon” during her interview with Meet The Press host Chuck Todd:

Now that Conyer’s accuser has revealed herself to the public and is being represented by the high-profile, leftist lawyer, Lisa Bloom, Nancy has suddenly had a change of heart and is now calling for the resignation of Rep. John Conyers (D-MI).

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joined the chorus today and called for the resignation of Congressman Conyers.

Meanwhile, Conyers attorney, Arnold Reed, is laughing at the idea that the 88-year-old congressman who has been accused by several women of sexual misconduct would resign. Today, during his press conference in Detroit, Reed called out the idea that Nancy Pelosi would call for his client to resign while ignoring (white) Senator Al Franken (D-MN). During his press conferencet today Reed told reporters that Nancy Pelosi won’t tell Conyers what to do. Reed then pulled the race card from the bottom of the deck, asking: “What is the discernible difference between Al Franken and John Conyers?”

NBC Capitol Hill correspondent Kasie Hunt tweeted about Conyers belligerent lawyer:

Yesterday, Conyers arrogant and defiant lawyer tweeted that his client is “not going to be forced out of office”:

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