This is huge! The White House just hit back at the Democrats and Deep State in a big way. We’re sure the left is freaking out about the fact that the memo will be released tomorrow without any redactions of names! Wow!

Earlier today, Sara Carter tweeted out that the FBI Director and DOJ wanted all names redacted: Not so quick!

Then Examiner reported:

President Trump is expected to approve the release of a classified memo spearheaded by the staff of House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes.

According to a Thursday afternoon pool report, a White House official confirmed upon arrival to West Virginia that the president “has read the memo.”

Trump will declassify the controversial four-page memo that reportedly details surveillance abuses by the Department of Justice and FBI, and send it back to House Intelligence for a Friday morning release.

“The president is OK with it,” a senior administration official told reporters. “I doubt there will be any redactions. It’s in Congress’ hands after that.


There had been a last ditch effort by the FBI/DOJ  to prevent the memo from being released but that gained zero traction. House Intel Chair Devin Nunes released a statement in response almost immediately that basically called out the intel agencies on their past stonewalling and obfuscation. He’s fed up with the corruption and called them out on it. Say a prayer for this very brave American Patriot.


When the memo is released tomorrow, watch out for distractions from the media, Democrats and the Deep State. You know they’ll try to muddy the waters to plant doubt in your mind that this was not corrupt. All you have to ask your self is why they tried so hard to keep this from being seen. This is sunlight on the weaponizing of intel to try and take down a candidate for the highest office in our nation! It was also a plan to hide the criminal activities of the opposing candidate. As Joe Biden would say…”This is a BFD!”


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