Put a fork in the smug, “thrill up his leg” Matthews. If MSNBC doesn’t fire Matthews after this stunt, they will lose every last one of their feminist viewers, and with Rachel Maddow as the big draw on their network, that’s probably not a demographic you want to anger. It’s not only conservatives who are shocked by this video, liberals on Twitter are also going nuts!

It was only weeks ago, that the MSNBC host Chris Matthew was accused of sexual misconduct. For the most part, MSNBC and the general public ignored the accusations. Perhaps it was sexual harassment overkill, or maybe it was because the accused Chris Matthews has been a consistent draw for the ratings-challenged cable network. Whatever the case, the story of Chris Matthews and his sexual misconduct seemed to go as quickly as it came.

This most recent tape of Chris Matthews joking to his crew about taking a “Bill Cosby pill” before his interview with then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, seems to have really struck a nerve with the left, the center and right of center.

Here’s the tape. Watch the reactions of his staff and crew after he makes the rape pill comment:

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Matthews is getting destroyed on Twitter by conservatives:

Daily Caller reporter Amber Athey claims that after speaking with six former employees and guests on Matthews show, including an NBC executive who told her that “these types of comments were par for the course for Matthews.” Athey claims that “Mulitple sources alleged that HR (Human Resources) knew about and tolerated his behavior.


Ryan Saavedra wants to know why MSNBC and NBC Universal continue to refuse to give comment about the avalanche of allegations against Chris Matthews:

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And then came the libs, Charlott Clymer of the Hillary Rodham Clinton communications team blamed everyone in the room for his behavior:

And then the call for her firing. As a backup, liberal Diane Alston offers her list of Hillary’s credentials (they never mention her criminal credentials) to show how what Chris Matthews about offering Hillary a date rape drug was even more disgusting, given her list of accomplishments. Does this mean if a woman is given a date rape drug, and doesn’t have a long list of accomplishments (on the back of her husband), it’s okay?


Watch this video of Chris Matthew behaving in a very creepy manner while on-air with MSNBC host Erin Burnett. If he behaves like this on-air, one can only imagine what he does behind the scenes.

Just for fun, here’s the arrogant Chris Matthews comparing Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump to rapists Uday and Qusay Hussein only 2 days ago:


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