Nancy Pelosi just gave a press conference where she lied through her teeth to say the troops will get paid and that the Dems are “there for them”. This is probably to repair the damage done when she took Democrats to a lavish dinner last night while troops are getting no pay. She spins the facts and then advises the troops to ignore any other information. The fact is that the Democrats are totally to blame for this because of their effort to make DACA a part of the spending bill.

We’ve added the entire video below this clip…It’s more proof that the Democrats are spinning AND lying!

Then Pelosi pivots and makes it sound like Trump needs to come to the table on the opioid epidemic. How dare she do this! President Trump is a leader when it comes to the opioid epidemic. This is just like a Democrat to lie about what the president has done. His own brother died from alcoholism so Trump has been a huge supporter of solutions to addictions.


Nancy Pelosi discusses government shutdown

HAPPENING NOW: Rep. Nancy Pelosi is speaking to reporters on the second day of the government shutdown.MORE: Fox

Posted by FOX 5 Atlanta on Sunday, January 21, 2018


This shutdown will be a loser for the Democrats because people are seeing through the spin. Keep up the’s working!

Remember that DACA amnesty is for 800,000 but the DREAMers are at least 3 million!

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