When four Chicago thugs videotaped the brutal tortured a young mentally disabled man they kidnapped in a live Facebook video, Americans were stunned. Almost immediately after the discovery was made, the spokesperson for the Chicago Police Department called it a “stupid mistake”.

The superintendent of the building where the torture took place, shrugged off the horrific event by simply saying, “Kids make stupid mistakes.”

It looks like not much has changed in the attitudes of Chicago officials tasked with holding criminals accountable, especially in the case of four repulsive young thugs, who scalped the young 18-year old man, made him drink from a toilet, forced him to yell, “F*ck Trump” and “F*ck white people”, and repeatedly hit him while his hands were tied and his mouth was covered with duct tape.

The video is hard to watch but is an honest look at the anti-Trump and racist monsters who’ve been given a pass by our media. Go HERE to watch the disturbing video. (***Warning***the video is very graphic).

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It was just announced that in a plea deal, Brittany Covington, 19, the narrator of the video, who had been held at the Cook County Jail without bond since January, will be the first of the four to be released. In a shocking case of injustice, the plea deal states that Covington will remain on probation for four years and is barred from contact with 2 of the other 3 co-criminals, Cooper and Hill, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting.

Brittany Covington (Cook County Sheriff)

Other terms of the plea agreement bars Covington from using social media for four years, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office tells CBS 2.

Brittany Covington narrated Facebook Live video of the others tormenting an 18-year-old white man in the apartment she shared with her sister.

These are the four individuals charged in connection with the Facebook torture video: clockwise, Jordan Hill, Tesfaye Cooper, Brittany Covington, and Tanishia Covington (clockwise from top left) (Chicago Police)

The victim, a Crystal Lake man who had been classmates with Hill at a west suburban alternative high school, appears terror-stricken as he was taunted with racially-tinged insults — including calling him a supporter of then-President-elect Donald Trump. Hill and Cooper allegedly cut his clothing with a knife, punched and kicked him. In another video, the man was forced to drink water from a toilet bowl.

In one of the videos the defendants allegedly posted on Facebook, a man threatened the victim with a knife. Someone told the victim, “kiss the floor, b—-!” and “nobody can help you anymore.” At one point, someone told the victim, “say ‘I love black people.’ ”

When a woman who lived in the building complained about the the noise and threatened to call the police, the sisters kicked in the woman’s door in anger and took some of her property, police said. While the others had run to the other apartment, the victim managed to escape, and police found him, wearing shorts and his torn clothing in the January weather, a block away. Streamwood police officials say the victim’s parents had made a missing-persons report after their son didn’t return home.

During the Streamwood police investigation, the victim’s parents started “receiving text messages from persons claiming to be holding him captive,” officials said.

Plea negotiations are ongoing with her three co-defendants, all of whom also have been in custody. – CBS2


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