Several videos of looters selling stolen goods on Facebook Live have been turned over to the authorities so the looters can be arrested.

One woman in Chicago was on video bragging about her loot and saying this isn’t the first time she’s done this:

These people are the lowest of the low who took advantage of the death of George Floyd to steal. This has nothing to do with ‘Justice for George’ and everything to do with thugs being thugs.

Here’s a video from a man whose brother owns five of the stores being looted. He shows looters ransacking a Nike store: “There goes the Nike store”:

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A first-hand look at the looting going on is in a video posted by a man who watches his brother’s store being looted:

“That’s my brother’s store.”

He says it’s “hopeless” and then says “you can’t do sh*t about it”…

The video shows a swarm of people breaking into stores and then the aftermath with looters hiding in the ceiling of one store:

His comment after the looting:

“They ransacked 5 retail stores to the ground that belong to my brothers. After taking a hit for more than a month due to COVID 19 and now this. So sad.”


The people of the South Side of Chicago were left with few options for food after the looting:

While the media ignores the blatant lawlessness, the communities suffer because of these people ransacking.

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