A video from the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office shows looting at a Florida Walmart where more than $100k worth of merchandise was stolen.

This is NOT an isolated incident.  Looting was rampant in many cities across America during the supposed “Justice for George” riots. How is this theft justice for anyone?

Comments below the video that was just released are shocking. Leftists are commenting that this is justified:

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-Black people in this country have been robbed of the opportunity to prosper for 400 years. Walmart can burn to the fucking ground.

-This looting is nothing compared to the looting done by corporate america and the first colonizers.

-The Walton family is worth more than $1.4 billion dollars. They’ll manage.

-Walmart has insurance. They’ll be alright!

A jewelry store owner discusses the looting of his store:

High-end art store on Melrose is looted:

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