In January, the Republicans will hold the majority again in the house, and Florida Representative Matt Gaetz has an America First agenda ready. Gaetz said, “on the first day of Republican control of the House of Representatives, we should take over the January 6 committee and release every second of footage that will exonerate our patriots!”

Gaetz said that while “Kevin McCarthy said he will disband the January 6 committee, I would repurpose it, I would take their snarky little Twitter account and pump out 14,000 hours of video so the American people can see what really happened.”

Kevin McCarthy, who is hoping to claim the role of Speaker of the House, called January 6 a violent attack on the capitol, labeling it undemocratic, un-American, and criminal.

Gaetz said McCarthy should allow his fellow Republican Representatives to get to the bottom of what happened at the capitol.

He also said it was disturbing that McCarthy said Trump should resign following J6 and that Gaetz’s verbal criticism of Liz Cheney might have been gaslighting violence against people. He continued his thoughts on McCarthy, expressing that he would not support McCarthy in a run for leadership, “We think Kevin McCarthy is more of a flight republican than a fight republican.

Gaetz is also looking for policy changes regarding how decisions are made. He says, “Kevin McCarthy believes in a House of Representatives where the leadership makes all the decisions and whether its Republicans or Democrats in charge we’ve seen that fail the American people. We’ve seen it result in bills that are thousands of pages long, spending billions of dollars without even the time to be able to review the legislation.”

He went on to say that he has a different idea, “Our vision is for a House of Representatives where all of the members are in power to represent their constituents, to have a real voice on matters of appropriations, and that’s important given the fights we have ahead with the Biden administration over spending. The principle mandate for Republicans is to curb inflation; we believe that government spending is the principal driver of the inflation crushing the Americans today.”

“We don’t see Kevin McCarthy fit for that battle.”

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