Why is the mainstream media ignoring this story?

While the media is still fawning over the significance of the Black Lives Matter riots, they’re completely ignoring a horrific crime against a 5-year-old white boy at the hands of a black man who was also a neighbor.

On Sunday, 5-year-old Cannon Hinnant of North Carolina was riding his bike with his 7 and 8-year-old sisters, when a neighbor walked up to the little boy, shot him point-blank in the head, and walked away, leaving the boy to die in front of his sisters.

5-Year-Old Cannon Hinnant

According to the Daily Mail – 25-year-old Darius Sessoms, a next-door neighbor of Cannon’s father Austin, allegedly rushed up to the young boy and shot him point-blank in the head in front of his seven-year-old and eight-year-old sisters before fleeing the scene at 5:30 pm Sunday.

25-year-old Darius Sessoms

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Hinnant’s devastated family is now calling for justice as his mother Bonny Waddell reveals the incredible heartbreak her daughters are feeling having witnessed his death.

She said the girls lost a ‘piece of their heart’ with their brother’s tragic killing.

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Darius Sessoms, 25, was charged Monday with the murder of Cannon Hinnant after a 24-hour manhunt.


The heartbroken mother of a five-year-old boy shot dead on Sunday by a neighbor as he played on his bike in front of his father’s house in North Carolina has said that her son’s alleged killer will ‘rot in hell’.

‘I will burn this country down if it’s what it’ll take to see this man burn in hell. I’m ready to flip this county upside down,’ Waddell wrote to Facebook Monday.

‘This was not because my baby was riding a bike.

Hinnant’s North Carolina home where Cannon was shot to death in the family’s driveway. Cannon’s bike is circled in red.

‘We will get our justice and I’m taking every damn body down right with him!

‘Please ride the roads, keep your eyes out. My other kids are in danger as threats were made, this scum bag is not far,’ she added, hours before Sessoms was arrested.

‘I want this man to be taken away from his child forever.’

‘This man will answer to me, that man will see me and my son through my face! This sorry excuse as a human being will rot in hell,’ Waddell said in a separate post.

‘My heart has been taken from me.’

She added that the suspect knew Hinnant and how ‘loving’ he was.

‘My baby didn’t see color, my baby made sure you knew he loved you even if he only knew you 5 minutes idc what damn color you were!’ she wrote.

‘Please everyone take a minute out of your night and pray really really hard for my girls,’ she wrote. ‘Please, I’m begging! They just lost a puzzle piece, their best friend, a piece of their heart and they know their mommy is not okay either.’

Waddell also shared photos of herself and her son stating: ‘One thing was for sure, he loves his mommy and he knew just how much mommy loved him.

Hinnant’s grandmother Lori also hit out at the killer online, on Tuesday asking: ‘When are we going to write Children’s Lives Matter on Hollywood Boulevard?’

‘A hard lesson God taught me just the other day, don’t allow misunderstandings to make you bitter, communicate, be present and listen to what your loved ones have to say, one day all of this will fall away,’ she added Wednesday.

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